So Football Season's Over, But Your Gambling Kick Isn't: Here's What To Do

North Carolina Michigan State College Basketball Tip Off

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Every year around this time, degenerates get antsy. Football is over! What’s there to gamble on? I’m no exception to that rule… but this year I’ve made a resolution. I’m going to start betting on college basketball.It’s really the next logical step. Only five weeks separate us from Selection Sunday, and what better way to get a leg up on all those so-called March Madness experts, than to start following the game closely now?

But, you’ll protest, there are so many teams, and so many games. It’s impossible to follow them all, and know enough about them to exploit the weaker lines.

Well, those same obstacles stand in everybody’s way, and since so few spend the time to learn the minutia of college basketball betting, it’s actually easier to get an advantage.

Consider this: football’s the de facto sport to bet on even for those with just a passing interest in gambling. Because there’s only one day of games each week, it’s easier for the public to latch on to all the intricacies and fancy themselves experts on the subject. That’s what makes it so difficult. For every hour the public spends studying games, handicappers can spend days ensuring the lines yield no advantage to either side of the bet. College basketball doesn’t have the same lull between games.

Now, I’m no expert myself, but I’ve been doing a lot of research to get myself ready. Over the next five weeks, I hope to transform from a square to a sharp. By the time the bracket is released, I fully expect to have done enough research and daily coverage to craft the perfect – yes perfect, as in 67-for-67 (remember, there are 68 teams this year) – bracket. 

So follow along – check back every day – as I embark on five weeks of betting on college basketball. Hopefully, we’ll all learn something. And hopefully that something is not that I’m in way over my head.

Anyway, here’s what I know going in:

  • Spreads aren’t set until after each team completes it’s most recent game. And turn around time can be as little as 48 hours. As a result, there’s much less time to research.
  • will be an invaluable reference. It’s the complete, free, advanced statistic resource wholly devoted to college basketball 24/7/365. I’m going keep an eye on it.
  • Oftentimes, the best bets aren’t major schools. Just like you, and me, handicappers don’t always focus as much attention on lesser teams. That said, in the interest of our bracket, we’re going to focus primarily on teams that have a shot at the tournament.

Again, check back tomorrow when we begin dissecting some actual games >

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