USC is barring students linked to the college admissions scandal from registering for classes

Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty ImagesA view of people visiting the University of Southern California on March 12, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Federal prosecutors say their investigation dubbed Operation Varsity Blues blows the lid off an audacious college admissions fraud scheme aimed at getting the children of the rich and powerful into elite universities.
  • University of Southern California announced on Monday it was reviewing the status of students linked to the $US25 million college admissions scandal.
  • While the students are under review, their accounts are being put on hold and they will be unable to register for classes or request copies of their transcripts.
  • USC said following the review, students could have their admission revoked or face expulsion.
  • Law enforcement officials previously said many students may not have known their parents had bribed college officials or entrance exam administrators to get them into elite universities.

University of Southern California’s admissions office has announced that students linked to the $US25 million college admissions scandal will be barred from registering for new classes as the school reviews their cases.

USC said in an announcement on Twitter that the students’ accounts would be put on hold while it reviews their statuses at the school. The hold prevents students from registering for classes and acquiring transcripts.

“Following the review, we will take the proper action related to their status, up to revoking admission or expulsion,” the school said.

While it is unclear exactly how many students at USC are linked to the scandal, the university said all who are under review have been notified.

USC was one of several universities named in a criminal complaint released by the Department of Justice last week, which accused parents of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to get their students into elite colleges.

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A criminal complaint released by the Department of Justice last week said parents paid William Singer – the alleged ringleader of the cash-for-college scheme – to guarantee spots at elite colleges for the children.

Officials said the scheme involved bribing college officials and coaches, as well as entrance exam officials.

USC said that it terminated two employees and places a third on leave after the criminal complaint was made public.

The Department of Justice did not file charges against any students who were admitted through the scheme, and officials said at a press conference that the majority of the students likely did not know the scheme was going on.

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