CHART OF THE DAY: Here's What 515 Interest Rate Cuts And $12 Trillion Will Do To The Global Credit Markets

“Aggressive central bank actions in response to the bursting of one asset bubble often contribute to the creation of a new bubble,” writes Michael Hartnett at Bank of America.

Hartnett’s referring to the Asian financial crisis, which beget the dotcom boom, which beget the recent housing and credit bubble.

The recent financial crisis has prompted aggressive actions on the part of global central banks. And this has played out in surging bond prices and a collapsing yield.

“In the past 6 years, central banks around the world have cut interest rates 515 times, increased global liquidity by $12 trillion and crushed bond yields to the point that almost 50% of all global government bond market cap currently trades below 1%.

The stunning collapse in interest rates across debt markets in recent years is shown in Chart 3. For example, yields have dropped from 23% (Dec’08) to 5.6% today in High Yield Corporates, from 12% (Dec’08) to 4.5% today for EM $- denominated bonds and from 6% (Jun’07) to 2.6% today for Mortgage Backed Securities.”

collapse of yield over six years chart

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