Colin Powell Perfectly Explains The Quagmire That Is US Action In Syria

Colin Powell

The U.S., U.K., and France are all considering varying degrees of intervention in the Syria conflict, one of which is a so-called “no-fly zone.”

However, in a recent interview with Bloomberg Television, former Secretary of State Colin Powell perfectly outlined why such an intervention could turn into a quagmire the U.S. cannot afford.

From Bloomberg:

“We have to be very, very careful with some of the, ‘Well, let’s just go in and start bombing, let’s just go in and put in a no-fly zone.’ I wouldn’t like a no-fly zone. If you want to take out the Syrian air force, take it out. Don’t just fly around in circles waiting for it to come up. That won’t be hard to do. But you have to understand, if that doesn’t work, are you then committed to take the next steps?”

What Powell is saying here is that if that initial punch of setting up a no-fly zone doesn’t knock Assad out of office, the U.S. is effectively caught in the breach — forcing the administration to possibly take more drastic action.

A risky move for sure, especially with an American public who is deeply opposed to the idea of even any amount of intervention in Syria.

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