Colin Kaepernick Surprised A 13-Year-Old Designer By Wearing His Vest On TV

Colin Kaepernick was not as dressed up as other quarterbacks after beating the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs.

But it turns out he was wearing a vest from a fashion company started by a 13-year old designer.

Making this even more special is that Jeremiah Jones, the founder of JYoungin, told that he had no idea Kaepernick would be wearing the vest and only found out as he was watching the game with his family.

According to Robbie Levin, Jones had sent the vest, along with a Positive Achiever Award, to Kaepernick for his birthday but never heard back and did not know for certain if the quarterback had received it.

Jones started JYoungin five years ago. “There’s not too many 13-years-olds out there that can say Colin Kaepernick wore their brand,” Jones told

Here is Jones wearing the same vest worn by Kaepernick.

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