Colin Cowherd Admits He Was Wrong About AJ Burnett Getting A Divorce

On Wednesday, ESPN radio guy Colin Cowherd said that he believed Yankee pitcher AJ Burnett’s terrible 2010 season was due in large part to an “ugly” divorce.

Burnett’s representative, Darek Braunecker, went nuts denying the report, event suggesting a lawsuit against Cowherd might be in the works.

This morning Cowherd corrected the record, but still left open the possibility that something was up with Burnett’s personal life.

His agent admitted as much when he called Cowherd to set the record straight, and there’s still no good explanation for Burnett’s mysterious black eye that he showed up with back in September.

Listen to Cowherd talk about his conversation with Braunecker (who also happens to be Cliff Lee’s agent) on Thursday’s show. (Video via ESPNU.)

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