Cold brew vodka is now a thing and it's perfect for those who appreciate both a stiff drink and a cup of coffee

SKYYCold-brew-flavored vodka is now a thing.

For those who appreciate both a stiff drink and a cup of coffee, you’re in luck: cold-brew-flavored vodka is now a thing.

SKYY vodka announced the new beverage this week and it’s already turning heads. Infused with Arabica coffee beans, SKYY Infusions Cold Brew Coffee aims to capture, “the fantastically mild, sweet and less bitter coffee taste that people crave with cold brew,” according to a release. The spirit is available now for a limited time as part of SKYY’s Infusions line. Other notable flavours include citrus, blood orange, and Honeycrisp apple.

Initial taste tests of the spirit have been fairly positive with Cosmopolitan giving it a thumbs up and saying that it really does taste like coffee. Writer Kaitlin Gates at Simplemost went as far to call it the best flavored vodka she’s ever tasted

Cold brewGetty/agrobacterYou can add this vodka to your cold brew.

While you can certainly use the beverage to spike your own coffee, the experts at SKYY also recommend a new age vodka martini: the cold brew martini. You can find the recipe here.

The coffee-flavored beverage is 70 proof and a 750-milliliter bottle comes out to $US13.99.

Though it appears to be one of the first beverage companies to capitalise on the cold brew trend, other lines have put out espresso and coffee-flavored vodkas including Smirnoff and Death Wish.

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