Watch Stephen Colbert's Hilarious One-Man Show About Obama's 'You Didn't Build That' Gaffe

Stephen Colbert used a “one-man show” on The Colbert Report last night to mock the attacks on Obama’s recent “you didn’t build that alone” comment about business and government. 

“I am going to prove that I don’t need anyone’s help,” Colbert said. “First, I didn’t come here by public road. I flew here in a hot air balloon which I fanned toward Manhattan so I don’t have to share credit with the wind.”

He went on to do the rest of his show “on his own,” only aided by a desk lamp, iPhone and whiteboard. 

“Folks, I’ve always said that relying on people is overrated,” Colbert said, before proceeding to struggle through the rest of the segment. 

Watch the segment below:

The Colbert Report
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