Stephen Colbert mocks Melania Trump's decision to wear the 'I really don't care, do u?' jacket

CBS‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.’
  • Stephen Colbert joked on Thursday about First Lady Melania Trump’s wearing of a jacket that read, “I really don’t care, do u?,” to visit immigrant children in Texas whom the Trump administration has separated from their parents.
  • “I’m going to guess this is one message she did not steal from Michelle Obama,” Colbert said.

Stephen Colbert took apart the Trump administration’s decision to send First Lady Melania Trump, whom Colbert referred to as Trump’s “most high-profile detainee,” to visit the immigrant children whom the administration has separated from their parents in Texas as part of a crackdown on illegal immigration.

“When I heard she was doing this, I thought, ok! This is what First Ladies often do. You go to a troubled area. They see the children. They show that we care. You can’t mess that up,” Colbert said on Thursday’s “Late Show.”

“Guess what? I spoke too soon,” he added.

After assuring the audience that his show had repeatedly verified the image “because we thought this has to be fake,” Colbert showed pictures of Melania, en route to the detention centres, wearing a jacket that read, “I really don’t care, do u?”

Colbert noted that the First Lady’s spokeswoman said in a statement that the jacket had “no hidden message.”

“Right, it’s definitely not hidden,” Colbert joked. “It’s right on the back. And, I’m going to guess this is one message she did not steal from Michelle Obama.”

The “Late Show” host then wondered how many staffers would have been fired for such an incident in a previous administration.

“Because, in the middle of the worst moral scandal in recent memory – so bad that her husband backed down for the first time in memory – people who were supposedly on her side let her get on a plane with a jacket that said, ‘I really don’t care, do you?'”

“For the record: We do,” Colbert added.

Watch the monologue below:

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