Coincidence? 47% Of Americans Don't Pay Federal Income Tax... 45% Think The Tax System Is Just Fine


We highlighted before how 47% of Americans won’t pay any federal income taxes for 2009.

The previous post received a fair bit of comments flak plus a few hate mails.

Now we know why, thanks to a hilarious juxtaposition of links over at Drudge Report.

Just as 47% of Americans won’t pay federal income taxes, 45% of Americans think the current amount of federal income tax they pay is just ‘About right‘. Ahem.

Looking at the breakdown by income group, one has to wonder… how do 44% of Americans making less than $20,000 a year feel that federal income taxes are too high?


Do you even pay federal income tax when below $20,000 a year? It’s an honest question, not a criticism, since if for some reason 44% of Americans earning less than $20,000 will pay federal income tax for 2009… while 45% of all Americans won’t… then it would seem like this low income bracket is somehow missing the tax breaks it is supposed to receive under law while those in a bracket above must be escaping. My first inclination would be to say that this discrepancy might be caused by Americans who live abroad and fall under the minimum income level for foreign-earned-income taxation, but there can’t be that many. 

Thus the alternative and simpler answer is that many people who don’t pay federal income taxes still think their federal income taxes are too high. Perhaps they misunderstood the nature of the question? (I double-checked this Gallup data, it is in regards to federal income tax only.)

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