COHN: I'll 'Probably' Read Greg Smith's Book

Gary Cohn, the president and chief operating officer at Goldman Sachs, said he would “probably” read Greg Smith’s book in an interview with Bloomberg today.

Smith resigned from Goldman with an op-ed in The New York Times, excoriating the firm for its lack of ethics and allegedly focusing on money at all costs. His book “Why I Left Goldman Sachs” for which he received a $1.5 million advance, is scheduled to be published on Oct. 22. 

In his NYT op-ed, Smith called Goldman’s environment “as toxic and destructive as I have ever seen” and “I no longer have the pride, or belief” that the firm was more than just about making money.

In an interview with Bloomberg’s Sara Eisen, Cohn primarily talked about the upcoming election. He said he believes the Democrats will continue to hold the Senate and the Republicans will keep the House, but was not sure about the presidential race. 

Still, he said:

“We’ve got other plans with other assumptions, if the world were to change…The big issue for us in the financial services is that once you get through fiscal cliff…a lot of these regulatory forms are still in the hands of the various regulators. It’s going to have a very interesting impact.”

Wonder if Greg will touch on that in his book.

Watch the video below:

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