7 Cognitive Biases That Could Sabotage Your Next Presentation

tara hunt

Photo: Screengrab from TEDxTalks on YouTube

Tara Hunt, CEO and co-founder of Buyosphere explains in a presentation on Slideshare that you need to train your brain to stop sabotaging itself if you want to succeed as a presenter.”Our instinctual brain thinks that a group of people looking at us silently means they are about to eat us,” she says in the presentation.

Here are seven cognitive biases that you have to watch out for, according to Hunt:

  1. Catastrophizing — taking an event you are concerned about and blowing it out of proportion
  2. Arbitrary Inference — making a judgment with no supporting information 
  3. personalisation — taking someone else’s behaviour personally
  4. Selective Abstraction — focusing in on a single negative comment out of many
  5. Overgeneralization — basing future outcomes on current
  6. Dichotomous Thinking — two extremes, no grey area
  7. labelling — morphing a feeling into a label

Your brain puts itself into a spiral, but you can avoid it by just recognising when these cognitive disorders pop up. Here’s a diagram:

cognitive disorders

Photo: Screengrab from Tara Hunt on Slideshare

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