Cofounder Louis Monier Ditches Qwiki For Another Startup, Proximic

Doug Imbruce and Louis Monier

Qwiki, the video Wikipedia startup, just lost its cofounder Louis Monier.

Losing a mastermind like Monier has to hurt. He founded search engine AltaVista before heading over to eBay and Google. He also worked on the hyped up “Google killer,” Cuil.

Monier tells Mike Arrington that there wasn’t a juicy reason for the parting, just that the “the research phase is over and the basic technology is in place.” 

We find that hard to believe considering Qwiki is rolling out two more massive products later this year, personal Qwikis (like alarm clocks that tell you all of the news you missed overnight) and publisher Qwikis (that can turn every Business Insider post into a video).

Either way, Monier is now joining digital advertising optimization startup Proximic as Chief Scientist. Qwiki cofounder Doug Imbruce says they’ll soon be announcing other “world-class hires” to fill the void.

Don’t know what Qwiki is? Here’s a walk-through >>