These 5 beautiful Australian siblings are known as the 'Kardashians of surfing'

Just like the Kardashian family, Australia’s Coffey family is made up of several attractive sisters and one brother.

But unlike the famous reality TV family, the Coffeys are gaining attention for their surfing skills.

Ranging in age from 21 to 13, the five Coffey siblings are all sponsored surfers and a few have gone pro. They also have over a million Instagram followers among them.

“Say what you like about the Kardashians, but at the end of the day they’re a big strong family unit,” their father, Jason Coffey, told The Daily Telegraph.

Meet the five Coffey siblings from Australia's Gold Coast.

They're all awesome surfers.

And their good looks have helped make them famous on social media.

Ellie-Jean Coffey, 21, is the oldest of the sisters.

She's a professional surfer sponsored by Billabong, SurfStitch, Von Zipper, OBfive Skate, and Simmo Boards.

With over 566,000 followers on Instagram, she is the most-followed of the siblings.


Jackson Coffey, also 21, is the only boy in the family.

He is sponsored by Billabong, GoPro, Von Zipper, Shapers and more.

He shares awesome shots like this with his 100,000 Instagram followers.

Holly-Sue, 18, is better known as Holly-Daze to her 324,000 Instagram followers.

Holly-Sue and Ellie-Jean are both vying for a spot on surfing's elite Women's Championship Tour.

'If both of us were to make the tour it would be amazing for social media,' Ellie Jean told The Daily Telegraph.

Ruby-Lee is just 16, but she already has over 109,000 followers on Instagram.

Ruby, too, spends all her free time in the water.

She's super tight with her younger sister, Bonnie-Lou.

At 13, Bonnie-Lou is the youngest of the Coffey siblings.

Just like her older sisters, she's a natural in the water.

And with 61,000 Instagram followers, she's also a rising social media star.

The Coffey siblings' father, Jason, home-schooled his five children. The family lived on the road in a caravan looking for ideal surf conditions before settling on Australia's Gold Coast five years ago.

The family is super close, often drawing comparisons to the Kardashians.

They eat most meals together.

And of course, surf!

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