We Couldn't Believe How Many Cool Coffee Machine Concept Designs Are Out There

Tell them that you’re drinking anything less than an elaborate pourover, and coffee snarks won’t even give you the time of day.

But for those who can’t be bothered to grind their own beans or make the special trip to the store to buy the hardware, a teen named Cameron Hughes has your solution.

It’s a device called Invergo, and it takes all the manual handiwork out of creating fancy coffee at home. He’s raising money on Kickstarter right now to help get it into production.

With little more than the push of a button, you’ve got great pourover coffee at home as easily as you would using that Keurig machine in the office.

If this sounds like something you’d want on your own kitchen counter, there are currently a limited number available for a $US50 or $US75 backing, but the standard price will be $US100.

It turns out that there’s actually no shortage of coffee machine design concepts on the Internet that employ incredible design and non-obvious and novel use of technology. One even requires you to use your fingerprint to start the brew.

This design twists like an egg timer and counts down to your perfect cup of joe.

This alien-like machine was designed Czech designer Martin Necas.

It's not a coffee maker per se, but this wand device would help you measure and adjust your coffee's acidity, which can actually make it healthier to drink.

Throw your Kuerig pod into the tulip shape at the top and watch it make coffee out of a (fake) flower.


For those who like to rough it or absolutely cannot go without their caffeine, here's a solar powered coffemaker.

Dark and science fictiony, Kamil Kurka's design belongs in a kitchen with lots of stainless steel.

We like this one merely for being simple and cute.

Looking like a lost Transformers character, this machine was designed by Alexander Yakushin, who was aiming for geometric simplicity.

Biometrics as novelty! This coffeemaker requires a secure fingerprint before it does your bidding.

This bright little guy is by a company called, appropriately enough, Good News. There's an integrated radio.

For the especially time-minded, your coffeemaker can also be an hourglass.

Don't forget to check out Invergo.

Watch Colin's pitch video below and contribute to his Kickstarter campaign if you like what you see.

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