Cody Willard Asks Tesla Why It's Not Curing Cancer Instead Of Building Electric Cars

There’s a multitude of angles to attack Tesla from. Which makes it so annoying that Cody Willard opted for this lazy, pointless attack.

He freaks out on Tesla’s VP of business development for taking a $465 million loan from the government. He says the money should go to curing children’s cancer, not funding research of electric cars. His co-anchors look pained during the attack.

Our tip to Cody: Outrage at government handouts can be popular, but it must be meted out carefully and by a professional. In this case Tesla is receiving a relatively small amount of money. It won’t get it as a lump sum. It will have to be used for developing an affordable electric car. That car by the way is riddled with questions about it’s viability, and it’s projected price. Poke Tesla on that.

Save the furor for Goldman Sachs, that’s popular nowadays. Or wait until you are a professional screamer like Bill O’Reilly. That guy is awesome at being angry.

[Via AutoblogGreen]

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