Australia gets its first accredited bootcamp that can help execs learn about code

Left to right: Pete Argent, Academic Director of Coder Factory Academy,
Gabriel Providel, General Manager Academy of Information Technology, Glenn Elith Chief Executive Officer RedHill Education Limited, Raman Nambiar Managing Director, Coder Factory Academy

The first nationally accredited coding bootcamp has been launched through a joint venture between Coder Factory and the Academy of Information Technology.

The new course comes just days after the government unveiled its innovation statement. The policies within the statement put an emphasis on expanding technical education, throughout the school curriculum but also into the wider community.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has referred to learning to code as “learning how to think critically and solve problems”.

“You have to dream… and what you have with your coding skills are the languages in which to dream,” Turnbull said when releasing his new innovation policies.

“[Turnbull] mentioned that Australia has to be a nation that is agile, that is innovative and that is creative,” says Dan Siepen, a co-founder of Coder Factory. “That’s exactly was coding is all about.”

“Coding is more than sitting behind a computer and punching in syntax. It’s about thinking how to solve real-world problems.”

“Australia needs to be ready and the future workforce needs to be ready.”

Learning to code is not just for those who want to work as coders. Software and technology are slowly creeping into almost every business and field. Understanding the basics of coding or how apps function allows businesspeople to better deploy new technologies even if they don’t build it themselves.

For example, while Jim Penman from Jim’s Mowing says his company can’t easily be disrupted, the company has deployed financial apps for its franchisees and Penman notes technology has increased efficiency and lowered the amount of complaints they receive.

Because coding is more than just theory and rote memorisation, Siepen says it should be learned practically. The coding bootcamp model has seen success in Silicon Valley.

“Coding bootcamps are a proven education model in the United State of America, and are extremely compelling due to their focused learning approach and career opportunities” says Raman Nambiar, Coder Factory’s Managing Director

Throughout the six-month, full-time course, which features a number of different coding languages, students will be building different projects to create a portfolio. It’s this practical output that is important, says Siepen.

Students can gain an accredited tertiary qualification and access VET FEE-HELP loans towards their tuition, if they are eligible.

“Even though it is accredited, you get a certificate which is great, it does come down to the portfolio,” says Siepen.

“This is where we are going in the future as a whole globe, not just Australia.”

“We intend to deliver coding courses to a broad range of students and play an important role in helping Australia to become competitive in the emerging global technology economy” says Glenn Elith, Executive Director of the Academy of Information Technology.

Coder Factory is a Sydney-based coding school and the Academy of Information Technology is a vocational institution based in New South Wales.

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