Sony Is Not Alone: Yet Another Game Developer Gets Hacked


Photo: Dylan Love/Business Insider

Codemasters is a game developing company that’s been in operation since 1986, and the company recently confirmed that it was hacked on Friday, June 3.According to an email sent to its customers, a hacker was able to gain access to a laundry list of information:

  • members’ names
  • addresses
  • usernames
  • email addresses
  • telephone numbers
  • order history
  • dates of birth
  • encrypted passwords
  • any biographies entered by users
  • details of last site activity
  • IP addresses

Despite the extensive compromised data, Codemasters assures its customers that no payment information or credit card numbers were accessed, as it uses a third party to handle transactions.

Are we seeing a new trend in hacking game companies? First it was Sony. Now this.

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