Codecademy Quietly Crosses 1,000,000 User Mark 5 Months After Launch

zach sims codecademy
Zach Sims cofounded Codecademy

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Codecademy launched with a bang last August. Within its first 72 hours, 200,000 people began taking its lessons and teaching themselves basic JavaScript.The last numbers Codecademy reported were in October when it announced a $2.5 million seed round led by Union Square Ventures. Then the startup had 500,000 users.

Now thanks in part to Code Year, Codecademy’s New Years initiative that encourages people to code, industry sources say we can “infer” it has hit the 1,000,000 user milestone.

Code Year launched last week and has gotten 300,000 people to pledge, including New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg. We’re told most of the 300,000 pledges are coming from people who have never used Codecademy before.

“If you add the 300,000 plus the 500,000 reported and the continued growth, well, you can do the maths,” says the source.

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