Inside The Office Where Vogue, Mashable, Daily Beast, And The Verge Were Designed

Since 2001,
Code and Theoryhas developed into one of the premier design agencies in the world. And for the past few years they have been doing it in an incredible office space that was the original home to Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine.

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The agency worked with Tina Brown to bring The Daily Beast to life. When Vogue wanted to create its online presence the final deal was hammered out directly between Code and Theory co-founder Brandon Ralph and iconic Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour.

And they don’t just do news websites. Code and Theory developed the first flashplayer site for Sony Classical back in 2003. Dr Pepper and all of its brands are one of their many advertising clients.

The company has built up an impressive reputation for bringing innovative design and unique looks to brands and companies and work extremely close with clients. When designing a news site they often embed in the newsroom first and then build the site design using real site content, no “Lorem ipsum dolor” here.

We spoke with the founders recently about building the company and we had to check out their incredible digs while we were there.

Welcome to Code and Theory!

The entrance to their iconic office, former home to Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine actually has some Warhols on the walls.

But inside, it is all work.

The main office's modern decor contrasts with the vintage look of the perfectly preserved Library from the office's Interview days.

It actually has real books.

And they are really organised. They do it by topic and then title.

The main meeting room is in the library and has this massive restored wood table.

The office space is open and promotes collaboration. Code and Theory takes a project/client based approach to seating so that individuals from different department working on the same client or project sit near each other so they can easily discuss and share ideas.

The relaxed environment and comfortable digs don't detract from a strong work ethic.

And small touches throughout the office really tie the space together.

As do little personal items throughout the office.

The office is bustling with creativity.

We had to find out what this was all about.

Dr Pepper is a client and this became an iconic part of a big social campaign.

Some good advice for anyone, man or woman.

In the back on the main office, co-founder and executive creative director Brandon Ralph was busy at work.

He has this awesome old school boom box.

Ralph started the company with his childhood friend Dan Gardner. As you can see, they go way back.

And his is Dan Gardner (center), co-founder and executive creative director/UX, working with his team.

Before the meeting he was listening to some good tunes.

To check out their refrigerator. Which is well stocked.

And the rest of the kitchen is loaded from drinks produced by their clients.

The old seats in the aisle are used as a waiting area during casting calls.

Lots of awards, but modestly placed.

Joshua Davis, renowned digital artist joined the team early in 2013.

He is working on some really cool interactive art and design projects.

This one uses a motion detector (like Xbox Kinect or a Wii) and enables a program to detect people in front of it and use it to create their own drawings and designs.

It even picked me up in the background.

And then we head back out through the office.

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