First Chinese Car In The U.S. More Competitive Thanks To Federal Tax Credits


Photo: Coda

China’s first foray into the American auto-market, the all-electric Coda, is now being sold at a dealership in Los Angeles, but it’s not the vehicle some imagined.With a base price of $44,900, the Coda is $5k more than the Chevy Volt, almost $10k more than the Nissan Leaf, and is far from the cheap model competitors feared would kill their profits.

According to USA Today the Coda’s innovative lithium ion phosphate that gets about 100-miles more per charge than competitors is made by a contractor in China, but is 40 per cent owned by the L.A. based arm of the company (via the Tucson Citizen). The battery is attached to the car in California, and contains many American made electronics.

Coda CEO Phillip Murtaug says the vehicle’s increased range and cruising speed of 70 mph will give him the edge he needs to compete against better known, lower-priced models. That and the generous federal tax credits, which on all-electric vehicles can be up to $7,500 and bring the total cost down to about $37,400.

According to Coda’s website the car can travel up to 150 miles between charges and can be topped off on the road at any 110-volt outlet. A 220-volt source is advised for home charging which will top the car off completely in about six hours.

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