Cocaine crisis on British nuclear submarine as nine sailors fired

  • Nine sailors on nuclear submarine tested positive for cocaine, the Daily Mail reports.
  • All nine kicked off the sub and fired.
  • Defence secretary orders mandatory drug tests across the submarine fleet.

LONDON — Nine Royal Navy sailors have been kicked off a British nuclear submarine after testing positive for cocaine, the Daily Mail reports.

The Mail reports on Saturday that the sailors on the Trident submarine allegedly took cocaine while docked in the US to collect nuclear warheads. All of those who tested positive have now been fired from the Navy.

The second in command on the submarine in question, the HMS Vigilant, has also been removed following claims he had an affair with a fellow mariner. Claims of another affair between an officer and a junior are already being probed. The Mail quotes an unnamed source as saying HMS Vigilant had gained a reputation as “the party boat.”

The Mail reports that British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon is “furious” about the incidents and has ordered mandatory drug testing across Britain’s entire submarine fleet to ensure this is just an isolated incident.

HMS Vigilant is one of four Vanguard-class submarines that the UK operates. Each can hold up to eight Trident missiles armed with nuclear warheads.

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