Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl Social Media Touchdown: Polar Bears Will React To Game And Ads Live

In a brilliant marketing move, Coca-Cola will have their polar bears mascots — one in a blue and grey Patriots scarf and the other donning red for the Giants — watch the Super Bowl in real time, reacting to the game, half-time show, and even the ads live.

And how will these animated bears do it? Two employees from Wieden + Kennedy, Coke’s advertising agency, will be controling the bears’ reactions in real time as well, adlibing cheers during touchdowns and Macaulay Culkin-esque shock during salacious ads or wardrobe malfunctions. (No word on how they’ll react to commercials for competing soft drinks).

W+K worked with digital agency 360i on the live feed.

The Coke commercial itself will also differ depending on how the game is going. If the Patriots are winning, then the Giants bear will star in one of Coke’s two ads called “Catch”, in which he starts a pick-up football game on the ice outside of his cave. The Patriots bear will take the ice to blow off some steam if the Giants are up.

Super Bowl advertisers have it rough. It’s no longer just about having the best ad — which averages $3.5 million for a 30-second spot — but also having the most prominent social media presence before, during, and after the game.

The trick is to be everywhere consumers are,” Pio Schunker, Coke North America head of integrated marketing platforms and content, told USA Today, and that’s Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

On top of running ads during the Super Bowl, Chevrolet has launched The Chevy Game Time app which will test viewers on trivia during the game and commercials. Particpants will be entered into drawings to win prizes from the NFL, Papa John’s Pizza, and other companies.

Other advertisers have built hype by leaking teasers and their actual commercials.

Coca-Cola hopes that their first ever polar bear Super Bowl party — complete with penguin cameos — will build the necessary hype.

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