Check Out Coca-Cola's Still Massive Growth In Emerging Markets

Coke India

Photo: AP Images

Coca-Cola just reported Q1 earnings of $0.89 per share, beating expectations. Coca Cola which operates across 200 countries reported growth in every geographic operating group reported volume growth.Globally, the company reported 5 per cent growth in the first quarter, but growth was strongest in emerging markets.

  • India saw volume growth of 20 per cent, volume growth.
  • Thailand’s volume growth was up 24 per cent.
  • South Africa volume growth was up 10 per cent.
  • China’s volume growth was up 9 per cent.
  • Brazil’s volume growth was up 4 per cent.

With saturation in developed markets and weaker macro-economic conditions in Europe and the U.S. Coke seems to be drawing most of its growth from emerging market.

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