Coca-Cola’s Brands Are On Damage Control After Fungicide Was Found In Its Orange Juice

minute maid

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Coca-Cola revealed to the public on Wednesday that it had found an unapproved fungicide in its orange juice, and that it told federal regulators about it, reports the WSJ.Both Minute Maid and Simply Orange are Coke brands, but it didn’t say which brands are affected. The fungicide was sprayed on trees by Brazilian growers, and both the brands use juice from Brazil. No recalls have been announced yet.

Now, Coke’s brands are getting heat from customers about it, and they’re running damage control.

Mark J. Miller at Brandchannel notes that the Facebook pages of both Minute Maid and Simply Orange are filled with questions from customers about the fungicide scare. Some are quick inquiries about how to return the juice, others are a bit more lively, like this one:

minute maid facebook

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Coke seems to be downplaying the safety concerns that people have, and telling them that everything’s OK. That may or may not be true, but when something is found in a product that people consume, the negative perception is particularly hard to shake.

Still, Coke’s doing a good job by at least answering most of the questions hurled at it on Facebook. As we’ve seen in the past, ignoring (or deleting) customers’ comments on Facebook just makes things a whole lot worse.

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