Coke And Pepsi Have Launched A PR Assault Against NYC's Soda Ban

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Coca-Cola, Pepsi and others have mobilized their forces against New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban, reports Laura Petrecca at USA Today.Hundreds of soda makers, sellers, trade groups and more have created New Yorkers for Beverage Choices — a coalition that’s taking on Bloomberg’s ban. It’s being spearheaded by the American Beverage Association, which is providing funding.

Here’s what they’re doing in the PR blitz, according to USA Today:

  • A social media campaign mocking Bloomberg for promoting the July 4 hot dog eating contest
  • Radio ads promoting the freedom to cheer for whatever sports team you want, live anywhere you want, and drink any soda size you want
  • aeroplane banners that say, “No drinks for u! New Yorkers for Beverage Choices”
  • A petition that more than 60,000 New Yorkers have signed
  • Movie marquee ads that read “Say no to the NYC ban” (though this isn’t an “official” part of the coalition)

It’s on now!

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