Driver Straps A GoPro To His BMW To Make An Epic Time-Lapse Video Of His Cross-Country Drive

If you take enough photos on a drive across the United States, you can create a time lapse video that replays the epic drive in just a few minutes.

That’s what a driver who identified himself as Maurizio Sera Art did recently, covering the 2,740 mile-trip from Los Angeles, Calif., to Washington, D.C. He strapped a Hero3 GoPro camera to the roof of his BMW and had it snap a photo of the road every two seconds.

The trip took him 44 hours over four days, and he ended up with 63,000 photos. Then he used those to create this awesome video that replays the 44 hour drive in under 7 minutes.

Watch the coast-to-coast drive, which starts under the Hollywood sign and wraps up in front of the Capitol: