Watch a US-led coalition airstrike wipe out an ISIS staging area near Mosul

A coalition of more than 60 countries aided the run-up to Iraq’s operation to retake Mosul, the country’s second-largest city and the biggest one still held by ISIS, by launching airstrikes against the terrorist group’s infrastructure, personnel, and weaponry.

In the clip below, an airstrike wipes out an ISIS staging area near Mosul on October 11:

The October 11 strike was one of four that day near Mosul that targeted weapons systems, buildings, supply dumps, and a tunnel.

It was one of a number of raids launched by the US and allies in support of the Iraqi-led effort to recapture Mosul, which kicked off on October 16.

That operation came after months of airstrikes on Mosul and its environs meant to degrade ISIS resources and capabilities in the area.

Also assisting the effort on the ground are more thanĀ 5,000 US personnel, many of them special-operations forces taking part in missions to identify and eliminate the terrorist group’s leaders.

The Iraqi army, Kurdish peshmerga, and Shiite militias have made noteworthy advances in the days since the operation against Mosul got underway, but reports have also emerged of ongoing atrocities committed by ISIS as it fights to hold on to its longtime stronghold in northern Iraq.

You can see the full video of the October 11 strike on Operation Inherent Resolve’s Facebook page.

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