These teens became Coachella VIPs after their Instagram accounts caught everyone's attention

Remember when the best you could hope for at a music festival was seeing a great performance by your favourite band?

Nowadays, festivals like Coachella are not only perfect for taking in live music, but also for becoming an instant style star.

That’s what happened to Charlotte D’Alessio and Josie Canseco, according to BuzzFeed.

The beauteous teens snapped some photos in the desert that looked more like PacSun ads than iPhone selfies. By the end of Coachella, Charlotte’s Instagram follower count had ballooned from 16,800 followers to 31,800.

Before they knew it, they were amassing thousands of followers and popping up on famed party photographer The Cobrasnake’s Instagram.

Canseco, 18, is a model and the daughter of famed Oakland A’s player Jose Canseco. Charlotte is a 16-year-old Beverly Hills High School student.

Cementing their SoCal social media star status, they even have a friend who’s a Kendall Jenner lookalike.

“I was honestly freaking out,” Charlotte told BuzzFeed. “Josie is so used to this kind of thing, but I was dying.”

A photo posted by The Weeknd (@abelxo) on

Despite her newfound Insta-fame, Charlotte is still a regular teen. The proof: after her desert adventures were through, she did the Kylie Jenner lip challenge.

Their popularity started spiking when Bryant Enslava posted a photo of them to his feed, which has 934,000 followers. Enslava is known for posting pics of the most fab festival-goers and partiers wherever he goes. Let’s take a look at some of this other subjects.

A photo posted by BRYANT ESLAVA (@bryant) on

Scarlett Leithold, pictured above, is a model signed with Wilhelmina.


Boho style and short shorts tend to catch Eslava’s eye, apparently.

The Cobrasnake, alias Mark Hunter, also took his fair share of festival photos. Getting on his radar is a good move for anyone whose list of goals includes “be a social media It Girl.” He helped launch Cory Kennedy, perhaps the first-ever Internet party style icon, to fame in the mid-2000s.

Here are some of his Coachella pics:


Cailin Russo is a model with Newmark.


Musician Jesse Jo Stark and model Bella Hadid pose with the photog himself.


And model Mackii Shaye enticed Instagrammers by bringing her own Minion along.

The takeaway: next time you’re at a music festival, the best way to get on a style photog’s radar is… to already be a model. Failing that, pile on the short shorts and bracelets. After all, seeing performances is fun, but being seen yourself is just as much of a rush.

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