CNN's 'Humiliating' Obamacare Screwup Causes Near Mutiny In Newsroom

<strong>WATCH: CNN Incorrectly Reports The Supreme <br />Court's Ruling On Obamacare<br /></strong>

CNN sent everyone into a tizzy when it wrongly reported the Supreme Court struck down Obamacare.

And now the 24-hours news network is jumping into recovery mode, claiming one of its producers inside the court room “jumped the gun,” when he told a junior reporter the false ruling, BuzzFeed reported.

Not only did reporter Kate Bolduan proclaim the false information on air, citing producer Bill Mears, the network also tweeted it and ran a large banner on its site.

The mistake nearly caused a mutiny inside the organisation.

On-air reporters and producers told BuzzFeed the mistake was “fucking humiliating.”

“Maybe this will shake the company into understanding that CNN has not been the ‘most trusted name in news’ for a very long time,” the insider told BuzzFeed.

On-air legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, jumped to the network’s aid, saying the mistake was embarrassing but covering breaking news can get very stressful.

“It looked to all the world like the chief justice was going to strike down the law,” Toobin said.

In a news release from CNN, the network said it accurately reported the fact that Roberts seemed to oppose the mandate but then “wrongly reported that therefore the court struck down the mandate.”

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