Relaunching: Now With More Video is undergoing the same shift did a few years ago: It’s investing heavily in video. The site will go from producing one or two original videos to 15, and ultimately to 35 videos per day, Editor Chris Peacock tells the AJC.

It’s a major shift in strategy for the site, which was once the companion to CNN’s financial network CNNfn, and is now an umbrella for Time Inc.’s various business publications. It is also a challenge, while the site’s boosters talk about taking on the likes of CNBC,  no major Web site has yet figured out how to make Web video compelling for a video audience. Meanwhile CNNMoney’s plans sound similar to what other sites have tried: A mix of lifestyle features spun off from Fortune, Money, etc, and a series of taped “market updates” read by Poppy Harlow, formerly of

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