This Is A Bushmaster Model .223, One Of The Guns The Sandy Hook Shooter Reportedly Had


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The Bushmaster .223 rifle is one model AR-15 semi-automatic rifle with a legacy that looks to be growing if CNN reports are correct.The Cable News Network reports (as of Friday at 4:00 p.m. EDT)  that one of the weapons Adam Lanza used to commit the mass shooting in Connecticut is a Bushmaster .223.

From CNN:

Three guns were found at the scene, CNN’s Susan Candiotti reports. According to a law enforcement source, the third weapon found on the scene was a .223 Bushmaster. The other weapons, previously reported, are a Glock, and a Sig-Sauer. No word on the models of Glock or Sig-Sauer.

The Bushmaster model was also involved in the 2003 Washington, D.C. sniper shootings where 10 people were killed and two people arrested.

That incident resulted in a lawsuit settlement and eventually Bushmaster’s Windham, Maine facility closed in 2010. Owner Dick Dyke started a new rifle manufacturing company called Windham Weaponry Inc. soon afterward.

Bushmaster’s parts and gear are still available online.