Hillary Clinton is suddenly tied with Bernie Sanders in Nevada

Presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are neck and neck in the next Democratic caucus state, according to a new poll from CNN/ORC.

“Overall, 48% of likely caucus attendees say they support Clinton, 47% Sanders,” CNN reports.

Clinton previously eeked out a tight win in the Iowa caucuses, while Sanders comfortably took the New Hampshire primary.

The CNN poll reveals that a candidate’s abiltity to handle the economy is “a central division” in the Nevada caucus.

“Overall, Clinton holds broad advantages as more trusted on foreign policy, race relations, immigration and health care, but likely caucusgoers are split 48% for Clinton and 47% for Sanders on the economy,” CNN reports. “Among those likely caucusgoers who call the economy their top issue in choosing a candidate, more support Sanders: 52% back him vs. 43% for Clinton.”

Clinton has been thought to have a distinct advantage in Nevada, due to a large minority population. The state’s caucus takes place on Saturday, February 20.

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