Here's One Thing Definitely Wrong About That Mashable-CNN Acquisition Report

Peter Cashmore

News broke early this morning that CNN will buy technology blog Mashable for $200 million, with an announcement coming tomorrow.

The story has since gotten more complicated.

Additional reports have confirmed that Mashable and CNN are in talks.

However, nothing is imminent.

USA Today technology reporter Jon Swartz tweeted, no news on the deal will be expected “today, tomorrow, or this week.”

Further, TechCrunch is reporting Cashmore has told senior staffers the reports thus far are inaccurate.

This doesn’t mean the deal won’t ultimately go down, it simply means that the timing in the original report is likely incorrect.

Another part of the report that has people scratching their heads: The $200 million valuation. A lot of people are sceptical Mashable is worth that much right now. When Huffington Post sold for $315 million in 2011, it was at 10X its 2010 revenue of $30 million. It’s possible Mashable generated $20 million in revenue last year, but last we heard it wasn’t close to that number.

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