CNN Launching As YouTube For News

Remember, the web address CNN acquired from “Domain King” Rick Schwartz for $750,000? It’s a natural companion to the network’s iReport program, which accepts amateur video of news events (like the Virginia Tech massacre). But CNN says it has bigger designs for the site when it launches in the coming weeks.

Specifically: CNN won’t vet submissions to unless it wants to use them on the air. The site itself will resemble YouTube more than Users will be able to upload clips, and search for and share others with CNN doing very little to moderate the content.

CNN says it’s already reaching out to its high-volume iReport correspondents to get them interested in the site. Heavy on-air promotion (as well as the incentive of potential air time) should give the site an advantage over independent startups (like Now Public) trying to do the same thing.

Not that CNN’s amateur cameramen need much prompting: Last summer the network received 11,000 amateur videos from of the California wildfires, and aired dozens of them.

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