CNN Kicks AP To The Curb (For A Week)

CNN Schuringa

Like the majority of news organisations (like us!), CNN relies on wire services such as the AP to stay on top of global and breaking news.

But now, the network wants to prove it can do it all on its own. 

According to the Washington Examiner, CNN will not use the Associated Press wire service for the next week, opting to exclusively use its own original reporting. 

AP’s services, of course, don’t come cheap. And the cable news channel has been falling in the ratings, but it took back its No. 2 spot based on 2009’s numbers.

“CNN has made a conscious effort in the last few years to reduce our reliance on outside wire services,” CNN representative Christa Robinson told the Washington Examiner. “Currently does not use stories or images from the AP.”  The network offers its own external service to other news outlets, as well.

The AP ban could become permanent if the network can keep up with the increased amount of work.

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