CNN Wants Chris Rock Or Another "African-American Entertainer" For 7 P.M. -- These 6 Comedians Could Liven Things Up

chris rock

This is curious: CNN is rumoured to be looking for an “African-American entertainer” to headline a show at 7 p.m.

Apparently CNN has been losing minority viewers to MSNBC — and they want them back.

Even more curious: they want someone in comedy.

Chris Rock (who’s currently starring on Broadway in “The Motherfucker with the Hat”) and Aisha Tyler (who voices the female lead on FX’s animated comedy “Archer”) have both been approached.

Yeah, that would be quite a change from John King and Lou Dobbs! How could we not tune in?

Here’s who else might be a good fit. (Not comedian D.L. Hughley, who was a programming fail in 2008.)

Jon Stewart devotees already know Wilmore as a political voice that's searingly funny and weighty with knowledge. Wilmore's understated persona would put guests at ease -- making them the perfect comic prey.

Bill Cosby needs a regular venue for railing on Trump.

He's one of the original masters of comedy -- and if CNN calls today, they might just be able to get Cosby, who seems pretty fired up about Donald Trump's birther campaign. We'd love to watch Cosby grouse his way through the 2012 election.

Wanda Sykes could be a lightning rod.

Yeah, you either love her or hate her. But you can't ignore her -- and Sykes has made a damn good guest on Bill Maher's 'Real Time' panels.

Dave Chappelle would be a coup for the ages.

The politically-minded Chappelle been coaxed onto CNN as a guest contributor before. But how cool would it be to see him make a return to television in this kind of format -- and instantly change the format forever?

Whoopi Goldberg could finish more sentences.

Goldberg's political opinions regularly inform the the best 'View' soundbytes. A CNN show would let her keep talking -- and hey, Joy Behar has a show on Headline News, so we know the double duty is doable.

Tyler Perry guarantees viewership.

He's not a comedian, strictly speaking -- but Tyler Perry knows what makes people laugh and what they want in general. Perry is basically preventive damage control against ratings failure.

Now check out some television shows that should go big-screen.

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