CNN is blaming Apple for a bug that spammed iPhone users with a barrage of the same push notifications

  • A glitch caused some iPhone users to repeatedly receive the same headline notification from CNN.
  • CNN says it’s Apple’s problem.

At about 5pm ET on Tuesday, numerous people with iPhones received an Apple News push notification with a CNN headline about the false missile alarm in Hawaii.

Then they got the notification again. And again.

Some people on Twitter claimed that they got repeated alerts for a period of about 10 minutes.

What happened here? Did a CNN producer accidentally press the wrong button? Is there a glitch with Apple News?

CNN is pointing the finger at Apple. In a tweet, CNN’s PR department said that “our server logs shows CNN sent only one” alert and that they are “working with Apple to identify their issue.”

In addition, some people on Twitter said they got repeated notifications on Tuesday from a Fox News story, too.

Here’s their full comment:

“We are aware that some Apple News users recently received multiples of the same alert. Our server log shows CNN sent only one. We are working with Apple to identify their issue, as users on CNN-owned platforms did not experience a problem. Apologies to those who did.”

Apple didn’t respond to requests for comment, but the Apple News account on Twitter sent this tweet after the story was published:

CNN is a preferred partner for Apple News, an app that is preinstalled on iPhones sold in the United States. When an iPhone or iPad user boots up Apple News for the first time, they’re given a chance to sign up for breaking news notifications from a couple of publications, including CNN.

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