CNN Anchors Propped Up Their iPads With Surface Pro 3 Tablets During Election Night Coverage

Not even a deal with Microsoft could get CNN’s anchors to use the Surface Pro 3. 

During election coverage on Tuesday night, some viewers spotted iPads hiding behind propped-up Surface Pro 3s, GeekWire reports


Someone familiar with CNN’s operations told Mashable, however, that anchors aren’t actually forced to use any type of equipment and the Surface tablets weren’t part of a product placement deal. Instead, the Surface tablets were there to give anchors a view of the channel’s ongoing coverage.

Of course this isn’t the first time that Microsoft has had a problem getting people to properly use its Surface Pro, or even call it by the proper name. The company also has a five-year, $US4 million deal with the NFL, in which coaching staff must use its tablets on the field, if they use any tablets at all. Microsoft had to coach announcers to call the tablets by their proper name after they continued to call the Surface Pro 3s “iPads.

Looks like CNN anchors might be the ones in need of coaching now. 

(Via Gizmodo)