Sue Herera 1992recognise this CNBC anchor?

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20-three years ago today, CNBC — formerly known as the Consumer News and Business Channel — had its first inaugural broadcast. Over the years, the financial television behemoth has experienced changes from hairdos to talent to show lineups and anchor sets.

As a tribute, we’re going to take a tour of images and video clips from the life of CNBC.   

1990: CNBC used to look so different during its early years. Check out this station ID.

1991: CNBC acquired its rival FNN for $154.3 million and merged the two news networks together rebranding at the time as CNBC FNN. That's Neil Cavuto anchoring on the left.

1992: recognise this anchor? It's Sue Herera, one of the first hires who still anchors today. We love the big hair!

1993: Maria Bartiromo, who would later receive the nickname 'The Money Honey,' joined CNBC. She would make history a couple years later as the first person to report live from the floor of the NYSE.

1994: CNBC wasn't just for business news. Human sexuality talk show 'Real Personal' hosted by Bob Berkowitz used to air on the network from 1990 until 1996.

1995: In August of 1995, 'Squawk Box,' anchored by Mark Haines, launched.

1996: CNBC went global launching a European version of the channel. The previous year, CNBC Asia was established.

1997: Here Sue Herera has a more toned down hairdo compared to the early 90s.

1998: Liz Claman began her career in financial television at CNBC before moving to Fox Business Network in 2007. Check out Claman's short hairdo from 1998.

1999: CNBC celebrated its 10th birthday. Check out this promo for 1999.

2000: CNBC revamped its look and expanded it's global platforms.


2001: In November, 'America Now' launched. Larry Kudlow and Jim Cramer were both hosts and the show was eventually renamed 'Kudlow & Cramer' the following year. Check out this blooper of the two colourful anchors.

2002: Bartiromo's new show 'The Closing Bell' debuted. Here's a collection of CNBC promos from that year.

2003: Look at CNBC's 'Squawk Box' co-host Becky Quick just two years after she joined the network.

2004: Maria Bartiromo took over as host of 'The Wall Street Journal Report.'

2005: 'Boo-yah'! Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' launched. Here's a clip from the show's first anniversary.

2006: Erin Burnett, who was the host of 'Street Signs' and co-anchor of 'Squawk on the Street,' started to get more popular.

2007: Here's something we'll never forget. While Scott Cohn was reporting from the floor of the CBOT a trader interrupted the segment with the notorious 'Who put this d*** on my thing?' Naturally, the video went viral as a notorious trader prank.

2008: When the financial crisis hit in 2008, CNBC's viewership experienced a huge bump.

2009: And who could forget Rick Santelli's famous 'Tea Party' rant from February 2009?

2010: One of our favourites Australian native Amanda Drury got a permanent job as an anchor at CNBC's Englewood Cliffs headquarters.

2011: Things around the world got a little crazy. Remember Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, CNBC's chief international correspondent, wearing a teargas mask during the Greek austerity protests last year?

2012: CNBC unveiled its new set in on the floor of the NYSE. It's the first permanent anchor set at the stock exchange.

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