'The Profit' host Marcus Lemonis brutally takes down a business owner in a new clip

The profit marcus lemonis windward boardshop cnbcCNBCMarcus Lemonis, left, and Windward Boardshop owner Chris Currier on ‘The Profit.’

Marcus Lemonis has seen a lot of horrible business decisions over the years of investing in and making over failing companies on CNBC’s “The Profit,” but one Chicago retailer has reached a new low.

On Tuesday’s new episode at 10 p.m., Windward Boardshop is struggling to keep products on the shelves and its doors open. 

An iconic retailer for skateboarding and snowboarding enthusiasts over three decades, Windward Boardshop has since gone downhill after its owners tried to expand too quickly. The three partners don’t communicate and one of them has been sidelined from business decisions by the other two.

In Business Insider’s exclusive preview, Lemonis visits the business at a trade show and drops some fatal truth bombs on an owner.

“This is the s—tiest display I’ve ever seen,” Lemonis told Chris Currier, one of Windward Boardshop’s three owners, upon arriving to see his sparse setup at the trade show.

For Lemonis, the trade show display is just part of the problem. Windward’s very presence at the show is losing the company money, something Lemonis shows Currier by doing the maths right there on the spot.

As a result of his calculations, Lemonis offered a new tagline for the business: “Windward Boardshop, where we love to lose money.”

Watch Business Insider’s exclusive preview from Tuesday’s episode of “The Profit” below:

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