“Squawk Box” Co-Host Joe Kernen Has Achieved Full Mind Control Over His 11-Year-Old Daughter (VIDEO)

blake kernen

“Squawk Box” co-anchor Joe Kernen schlepped his 11-year-old daughter, Blake, to “Today” this morning to promote “their” new book, Your Teacher Said What?

It delves into the “assault” on capitalism in American classrooms.

After watching the precocious Blake spit back her father’s coaching, we think the elder Kernen might have missed his calling as a pageant dad.

“Most of the great things we have, that sometimes we even take for granted, come from capitalism,” she recites carefully, then looks to her dad for the thumbs-up.

Kernen has dubbed her the “Bindi Irwin” of free enterprise.

Check out how the kid bids farewell to Matt Lauer, who’s pretty bewildered throughout this segment.

Video below.