CNBC Set Falls On Former Mitt Romney Advisor Glenn Hubbard

Mitt Romney’s chief economic advisor Glenn Hubbard, who is the dean of Columbia Business School, was on CNBC moments ago from the Dealbook conference.

During his “Squawk on the Street” segment, part of the CNBC set fell on him.

“Uh, Glenn are you alright?” anchor Melissa Lee asked.

“I’m fine,” he responded with a smile on his face.  “That’s what happens when you criticise the welfare state,” he added.

He actually handles the whole thing quite well.  

We’ve included screen shots of the incident as well as a video clip below.


[credit provider=”CNBC screenshot”]

hubbard 2

[credit provider=”CNBC screenshot”]

hubbard 3

[credit provider=”CNBC screenshot”]

hubbard 4

[credit provider=”CNBC screenshot”]

Watch the YouTube video here [via Talking Points Memo].