CNBC Plants A Fat Wet Kiss On Oprah

Are you ready? A week from Today, CNBC will be debuting it’s latest special “The Oprah Fact”, which is all about how the talkshow host has become a latter day Queen Midas for all kinds of products, from Twitter to KFC grilled chicken.

You may not believe it, but the whole thing is a big ol’ wet kiss, only rivaled by George W. Bush’s Oprah kiss that secured him the 2000 election.

Variety has a sneak preview (for those who can’t wait ’til next Thursday!):

The special includes tips on how to get on Winfrey’s show (good luck with that) and success stories of those who have been featured. As for any of the darker aspects of “The Oprah Effect” — say, whether people spend money they don’t have on the host’s “favourite things,” or the vague cult-like qualities of Oprah worship — that will clearly¬†have to wait for another hour.

Similarly, there’s zero mention of how Winfrey’s support apparatus and vetting process has experienced several much-publicized glitches in recent years, such as touting James Frey’s fabricated memoir or Herman Rosenblat’s bogus story about meeting his future wife at a Nazi concentration camp. Even ABC News was inspired to ask “Is Oprah’s Golden Touch Tarnished?”¬†last December after the latest discredited yarn that was stamped with the Oprah seal of approval.

Read the whole preview at Variety — >

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