CNBC Has Nine Of The 10 Lowest Rated Cable News Shows For November

Mad Money

The TV ratings numbers are in for November.  It’s no secret that FOX News pulled in the biggest audience. and occupies 13 of the top 14 spots.

Who occupies the bottom spot(s), you ask? 

That would be CNBC, which holds nine of the 10 bottom spots.  (Side note: neither FBN or Bloomberg are publicly rated).

This, by the way, is an improvement over last month when they occupied all 10 spots.

Four out of the 10 lowest rated shows are different slots of Squawk Box, CNBC’s morning news show hosted by Becky Quick, Carl Quintanilla, and Joe Kernan.

What show fell where?  We count them down…from the, er, highest to the lowest rated.

*(Numbers are total viewers.)

#10 Squawk Box 8AM (179,000)

#9 Mad Money (178,000)

#8 Squawk Box 7:30AM (167,000)

#7 Showbiz Tonight (167,000)

#6 American Greed (159,000)

#5 A CNBC Investigation: Remington Under Fire (156,000)

#4 Squawk Box 7AM (152,000)

#3 CNBC Titans: Trump (138,000)

#2 Squawk Box 6AM (97,000)

#1 Mad Money Repeat (66,000)

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