CNBC Is Way Too Porny For Sponsors

We all know that CNBC loves to find ways to sex up its programming with…well, sex, actually. But this time they may have gone too far for one of their sponsors.

Mediaite reports that Wednesday’s “Porn: Business of Pleasure” special may have alienated Charles Schwab.

From Mediaite:

According to multiple sources, Charles Schwab, a regular sponsor of the 5pmET Fast Money program (as well as others) pulled its sponsorship from the program after a preview segment made it seem like Schwab was associated with the sex doc. Melissa Lee, anchor of Fast Money, also hosts the “Porn” special.

One source tells Mediaite that Schwab did not pull its sponsorships from CNBC as a whole, just chose to move its sponsored segments to other programs.

When asked directly about Schwab’s decision to drop its Fast Money sponsorships, a CNBC spokesperson told Mediaite, “No comment,” but added, “‘The Business of Porn’ is a fantastic documentary which will give CNBC viewers insight into a 15 billion dollar industry.”

Here’s a bit of a preview from Melissa Lee:


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