CNBC's Huge Hedge Fund Conference Is On Wednesday -- Lets Go Over How Last Year's Stock Picks Did

CNBC/Institutional Investor will host the fourth Delivering Alpha Conference at the Pierre Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

The annual event brings together some of the sharpest minds in the hedge fund industry as well as big name regulators.

This year’s line-up includes hedge-fund heavyweights like John Paulson, Leon Cooperman and Ken Griffin. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will also be in attendance.

Here’s a rundown of how last year’s stock picks did since the 2013 conference:

  • Larry Robbins (long Walgreens): Robbins the best performing fund manager of 2013 said Robbins says Walgreen‘s was a winner from Obamacare. The stock is up more than 43%.
  • Kris Jenner (long Vertex, Gilead Sciences and Pharmacyclics): Jenner, who runs Rock Springs, saw Vertex go up 15%, Gilead go up 55% and Pharmacyclics go down 6% since last year’s conference.
  • Leon Cooperman (10 long picks): Value investor Cooperman presented ten of his favourite stocks last year. Here’s how they performed Express Scripts (up 2.6%), Qualcomm (up 26%), Thermo Fisher Scientific (up 34%), Qualicorp (up 74%), Sandridge Energy (up 26%), Arbor Realty Trust (down 3%), Atlas Resource Partners (down 10%), Chimera Investment Corp (up 6%), THL Credit (down 12%) and KKR Financial Holdings (up 5%).
  • Nelson Peltz (Pepsi and Mondelez): Activist investor Nelson Peltz said that he wanted Pepsi to buy Mondelez. A deal hasn’t happened. Pepsi‘s stock is up 7%, while Mondelez stock is up 26%.
  • Carl Icahn (long Herbalife): Icahn famously snapped up a massive long stake in Herbalife after his long-time rival Bill Ackman publicly declared he’s short $US1 billion worth of the stock. Icahn has said that he think Ackman will be the victim of the “mother of all short squeezes.” Since Delivering Alpha 2013, shares of Herbalife are up 23%.
  • Jim Chanos (short Caterpillar): Chanos said he was betting against Caterpillar because of “commodities super cycle headwinds.” So far, that short hasn’t played out in his favour. Shares of Caterpillar have risen more than 27%.
  • Mark Kingdon (long Aegerion Pharmaceuticals): Kingdon’s Aegerion pick tank 63% since last year’s conference.

Of course, the conference isn’t just about stock picks. The panelists talk global macro and industry trends, etc.

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