Neighbours Reportedly Saw Women On Leashes In Backyard Of Kidnapping Suspect's House

Castro sketch

As the story of the three missing Cleveland women rescued from a house yesterday unfolds, details are coming out about previously reported incidents that allegedly weren’t taken seriously by police.

USA Today and the AP have anecdotes from neighbours about the strange things they saw at suspected kidnapper Ariel Castro’s house. 

Here are some of the clues that something was amiss with Castro:

  • A neighbour who lives three houses away from Castro said her daughter saw a naked woman crawling in Castro’s backyard several years ago, according to the AP. She called police, but they “didn’t take it seriously,” the woman said.
  • The AP reports that another neighbour, Israel Lugo, said he heard pounding on doors and saw plastic bags over the windows of the house a couple of years ago. Police officers didn’t get an answer at the front door of the house, and left after walking to the side of the house.
  • Lugo’s sister said she heard a woman pounding on the window of the house and saw a woman and baby standing in a window partially covered by a wooden plank, according to USA Today. They called police.
  • Lugo’s mother would see Castro bring bags full of McDonald’s into the house and wondered why he needed so much food, he told USA Today. Police reportedly responded to the call but again did not enter the home.
  • Other women who lived in the neighbourhood reportedly told Lugo they saw three men controlling three women on dog leashes crawling around naked in the backyard of the house, according to USA Today. The women who saw this told Lugo that police never responded to their call.
  • A WKYC reporter tweeted this image of a 2005 police sketch that looks like Castro. The sketch is of a person of interest in Gina DeJesus’ disappearance. This WKYC story from 2005 says the sketch was drawn from the memory of someone who may have seen Gina before she disappeared. Her mother said at the time she didn’t recognise the person.

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