A conservative group just launched a TV assault on Donald Trump

Screen Shot 2015 09 15 at 10.11.15 AMYouTubeOne of the Club for Growth’s attack ads.

The conservative business group Club for Growth announced Tuesday that it was launching a new negative advertising blitz against real-estate magnate Donald Trump.

The group said it investing more than $US1 million in two attack ads aimed at Trump, the Republican front-runner for president.

The first hit Trump for his past support for Democrats and left-leaning policies, before blasting him as “just another politician.”

“Trump wants us to think he’s mister tell-it-like-it-is. But he has a record. And it’s very liberal. He’s really just playing us for chumps,” the ad’s narrator says.

The second attack ad bashed Trump for supporting “eminent-domain abuse,” or the supposedly inappropriate seizure of private land for a public purpose.

“Trump: the worst kind of politician,” the narrator concludes.

Both lines of attack echo the themes outlined in a Tuesday report by Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin. The report said Republican strategists were looking attacking Trump’s record on eminent domain and accusing him of being a “politician” instead of an outsider, among other things.

The Club for Growth, which frequently backs conservative candidates in Republican primaries, has often tangled with the Republican establishment. With Trump’s rise, however, the group finds itself aligned with the establishment’s opposition to the Republican front-runner.

For his part, Trump has repeatedly accused the Club for Growth of only attacking him because he refused to give the group $US1 million.

View the two ads below.



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