A Wall Street Firm Has A Hilarious Guide To Investing And Generating Personal Wealth In The Year Of The Dragon

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Kung hei fat choi!As the world commences the Year of the Dragon, some eastern oriented investors are wondering how they should be invested.

CLSA, a subsidiary of Credit Agricole, just released a report titled Feng Shui Index: 2012 Year of the Black Water Dragon.

The guide includes a month-by-month stock market outlook.

It also provides personal tips on how individuals can generate wealth and improve health based on their own Zodiac symbols.

At this point, we hope you realise that CLSA does not intend for this to be taken seriously by clients.

Some background from CLSA:

For those who came in late, as they say in the funnies, the CLSA Feng Shui Index began life as an afterthought on a Chinese New Year note to clients. Not only was it well-received — at a time when the market was quieter than a legless cricket — it also turned out to be spot on in picking the Hang Seng’s major turns.

As you can see from that last line, this report is tailored to Asian investors.  However, this report addresses global themes that you anyone may be able to incorporate into their investment strategies.

According to the report, stocks are expected to fall through mid-summer before rebounding sharply.

You can access the full report on the CLSA website.

Note: At the request of CLSA, we removed all images from an earlier version of this story.

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